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High Efficiency Boilers

If your looking for the best boiler in the U.K. and want the ultimate high performance and economical running boiler, look no further than ATAG. these fabulous boilers are Europe’s highest efficient boilers, they come with 10 year warranty out of the box. They also come with a lifetime warranty on the main heat exchanger. Cheaper gas bills. these boilers will save you money, there is no doubt about it that the Atag economiser is thee best boiler in Europe. we offer free quotes on all our s...


Commercial Heating Boiler Installation

Our Commercial heating boiler choice If your considering contracting or having a commercial boiler installed in your offices or commercial building, this is what we recommend and why:The Q 25- Q60s condensing system boiler for Heating and DHW. Multiple flue options: Horizontal, Vertical, Twin and flexible flue liners available. Highest efficiency on the market: 110.9% according to RAL UZ61. 316 stainless steel heat exchanger for continous high efficiency and reliability. W...


Oil heating engineer Yorkshire

Are you looking for a quality Oil heating engineer, Yorkshire, Leeds, Wetherby and various Yorkshire locations? At Green and Reliable we only use the best products, along with highly skilled oil technicians. Wether you have a Worcester oil boiler or a Grant oil combination boiler, we cater for all your needs. Most spares are carried as van stock. We are Oftec accredited heating engineers. when checking a company a lot of credentials should be checked and Oftec regulate engineers and techni...


Commercial Heating Engineer Leeds

Are you looking for a reliable commercial gas heating engineer, that will provide a reliable service or quality installation? At Green And Reliable, we pride ourselves working on projects that give companies buildings green and reliable heating systems. Or are you looking for service on existing commercial heating systems. Some old systems need some love and care to keep them running the best they can be...


Worcester Bosch Oil Boiler

Have you considered the Worcester Bosch oil boiler? Well at Green & Reliable we cater for all manufacturers as we only stick too the top brands for reliability and performance. At this current moment oil boilers are cheaper to run than natural gas, LPG, biomass and solid fuel. So why fit something that will cost you more than you have to pay. We always look for a perfect solution. The current weeks planner, were fitting oil boilers in little smeaton and pontefract. So if your looking ...


Heating Engineers in Pontefract

Hi peeps. If your looking for a heating engineer in Pontefract, or a gas fitter in Pontefract. Look no further than recommended companies and references from your friends or family.We are always hear to help, whether you live in Kirk Smeaton or Wentbridge. We know Wentbridge has no mains gas and uses various other forms of heating mainly oil central heating or LPG.If your looking for the best products with the cheapest energy consumption...