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5 Tips To Maintain Your Boiler [NEW]

A boiler breaking down is the last thing anyone needs. Not only they can be expensive, but they also cause inconvenience, especially when you have a busy schedule. However, you will be glad to know that you can prevent this by reading through our top 5 boiler maintenance tips!

1. Insulate your pipes

Insulating your pipes with help prevent them from freezing during the winter, which is why it is important to fit them before the winter. Not only will they prevent them from freezing, they also reduce heat loss, meaning less energy is needed to heat water.

2. Maintain the pressure 

When the boiler pressure is low, boiler tend to run properly. You need to check to see if your boiler is set to the right pressure, this should be between 1 and 1.5 bar. If the pressure is high, you will need to bleed your central heating system to release any trapped air which will help reduce the pressure. 

3. Turn your boiler home

The most common questions we get asked are is it okay to turn our boiler off in the summer or is it okay to leave the boiler constantly on? Many homeowners often turn their boilers off in the summer, mainly because it is not needed. However our heating engineers do recommend turning it on for a few minutes just to make sure all the componoents are correctly working. 

4. Book a powerflush

You central heating system works extremely hard and over time it builds up debris and rust, affecting your its efficiency. Getting it professionally powerflushed will help remove any debris and dirt from the pipes, making your heating run efficiently and extending your boiler life. 

5. Get your boiler serviced

A boiler service will help detect any issues your boiler may have. It will also give you a peace of mind knowing that your boiler is ready for the winter. When you book a heating engineer to get your boiler serviced, make sure they are Gas Safe or OFTEC registered! 

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