Solar Thermals

Solar Thermal installation in Malton, Wetherby, York and Harrogate

The Sun provides more energy in one hour than the world’s population would be able to consume in a whole year. Solar thermal technology makes use of this renewable and free resource by converting energy from the sun into hot water. Green and Reliable Heating are proud to offer our solar thermal installation service. If you need any more information or have any questions get in touch at 0800 118 2467 or 07717 574 470

Solar thermal systems are widely made use of throughout Europe, and whilst it is relatively well established in the U.K, it still remains an underexploited energy technology in this country. What’s more, when compared with other renewable energy technologies, solar thermal is a relatively inexpensive way of generating hot water for your home. You could even save up to £100 annually by making the switch. 

Can a solar thermal system work in 'sunny' Yorkshire? 

More often than not people think that the climate of the U.K means that it is unsuitable for the use of solar thermal systems. However, solar collectors do not require bright sunlight to function; they simply require light. So they can still heat water even on days that are cloudy as there is still solar radiation present. 

How do solar thermal systems work?

So it's a cheap, renewable, clean way of heating your home but how does it work? Well, we're not going to bore you with the details but basically solar thermal heating uses the sun’s energy and converts it into heat which is then transferred into your home in the form of hot water and space heating. 

Why choose Green & Reliable Heating?

Our Engineers are all Gas Safe registered and proud to offer solar thermal installation turning the local areas towards green energy and sustainability one installation at a time. We are an experienced, highly qualified, and friendly team who are happy to give our expert advice or help you with anything related to making your energy use more sustainable, please get in touch with one of our team today. 

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