Benefits of an Oil Boiler Service

Whilst combi-boilers may be all the rage in the modern age, there are several different heating systems and fuel sources now available to homeowners. Oil boilers, for example, are a cost-effective fuel source and reduce consumption by only heating up water on demand. 

However, your oil-fired boiler must be well maintained and the best way to achieve this is to invest in an annual service from an accredited engineer. In this post, we’ll look at some of the technical benefits of regularly servicing your oil boiler and why it is important.

benefits of servicing your boiler

What are the benefits of servicing my oil boiler?

1. It Improves Efficiency 

Over a period of time, you will notice partially burnt fuel deposits and excessive smoke accumulating rapidly in your heating system. This can lead to a build-up of soot in the boiler heat exchanger, creating a scenario where your system starts to produce tepid (and in some instances, cold) water. 

If this issue is diagnosed by an engineer when they service your boiler, they can easily cleanse the heat exchanger and instantly improve the efficiency of the unit. 

2. Improves Boiler Performance 

Your heating system will feature several oil nozzles, which regulate precisely how much oil passes through the burner. These components are consumable items that are prone to significant wear and tear over time, which can in turn have an adverse impact on the combustion rate and overall burner efficiency. 

An annual boiler service provides you with the opportunity to identify such issues and replace oil nozzles on a regular basis, whilst also minimising the risk of “sooting up” the heat exchanger as an excess of fuel passes through the burner. 

3. Inspect and Maintain your Oil Storage Tanks 

Oil boilers require the installation of oil storage tanks, which hold and supply your boiler with a filtered and usable fuel source. The issue here is that there is a chance of water building up inside the oil storage tanks over time, causing pipes to freeze and filters to become blocked as the temperature drops.

As part of your professional oil boiler service, an engineer will extract the excess water from the tank and take care to clean the individual filter elements. These may even be replaced if necessary, ensuring that the oil tanks are clean and working to their optimal efficiency. 

What to Expect from your Oil Boiler Service? 

At Green and Reliable, we have years of experience working with oil-fired boilers, from installing brand new systems to servicing existing units. We offer boiler service checks throughout Harrogate, York, Wetherby and the surrounding areas, you can get in touch by calling us on 08001182467 and 07717574470. You can also reach us by email at and request your no-obligation quotation.