Common Issues With Oil Boilers [2022]

Oil-fired boilers, tanks, and equipment should be maintained and serviced once a year and it is highly recommended by OFTEC. Oil can be easily contaminated, which can impact the heating system's efficiency and dependability negatively. At the absolute least, the boiler can stop working for a variety of reasons, most of which can be avoided with an annual service.  

In this blog, we go through the common problems you may come across with your oil boiler and how they can be fixed.

common oil boiler issues

What are the common issues with oil boilers?

Water leaking into the boiler

When this happens, water gets transported to the boiler together with the oil. This has the potential to transport dirt from the tank to the boiler.  When the photocell detects water in the oil, modern boilers will shut down and you will need to hire a qualified OFTEC engineer to reset it for you.  

Older boilers on the other hand do not detect water and therefore do not shut down, however, when this happens and the water in the oil is not removed, it will cause 'incomplete combustion,'. This results in soot deposits on the heat exchanger and poor heat transmission which then leads to lower efficiency and requires more oil to heat your house.

Clogged nozzles

Over time, congealed oil will build upon the nozzles of your oil boiler, causing them to fail. This leads the boiler to stop working and older boilers have incomplete combustion. The best way to fix this is to clean and replace the nozzles. 

Frozen water on the oil line

When the boiler is turned off for an extended period of time, such as overnight or you have got away on holiday, water in the oil line might freeze and block it. When this happens, oil cannot get through and starts shutting down.  

Our heating engineers carefully remove all of the oil and frozen water from the oil line, restart the boiler and recommend keeping on running until the colder months are over. 

Want to know more? 

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