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Considerations to Make Before Installing an Oil Boiler in York

An oil-fired boiler is a popular alternative to having gas central heating in homes. Many people assume a gas boiler is the best option for heating their water and radiators, and it can be. But if your home is not on the mains gas grid or it’s time to replace your boiler and you’d like to consider all the options, an oil boiler can be a good alternative.

Before you commit, however, it’s worth remembering that oil boilers are different to gas boilers, so it’s important to have all the information before making a decision.

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How oil boilers work in your home

When your home is heated by oil, the fuel, or oil, is delivered to a tank that is usually situated either in your garden or underground. This means you have to set up a service provider for your oil, paying them for its cost and delivery. Gas is different because it’s connected to the main grid and piped up to your home from underground. This is why you don’t need to store it anywhere, and why you pay a bill for its use rather than for delivery.

When considering an oil boiler, you’ll need to think about the practicalities, such as where your oil tank will be located, particularly if you have a small garden. You’ll also need to think about access for the lorry delivering your oil.

The cost of oil 

Oil is thought to be quite cost-effective as a means of heating your home. In January 2018, its price per litre was 48p so depending on how much of it you use, it may be an economic choice for heating your water and radiators. 

Gas is still considered more economic at 4.5 pence per kWh, but oil isn’t far behind this at 6 pence per kWh. 

The cost of an oil boiler

Oil boiler costs vary, but you can expect to pay between around £1,500 - £4,000 to have one installed. This increases for a full central heating system from scratch, which can cost around £6,000 including radiators. 

The size of your home, and therefore the size of boiler needed, will influence cost, as larger units work to a bigger capacity. This means you can store more oil, so you need fewer deliveries. Not only does this save you time and hassle, it means you can buy the oil in bulk and benefit from lower prices. 

Types of oil boilers available

Similar to gas, oil boilers are available in combi, system, conventional or condensing units. A condensing oil boiler is newer to the market and recycles its waste flue gases, which lowers energy use and makes it a more efficient choice. 

Oil combi boilers are a popular choice as the hot water storage tank comes built-in. This can be really useful, as oil boilers are not known for being space-saving due to the water tank and oil storage tank usually required!

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