Oil Boiler Maintenance Tips

Ensuring that the oil boiler and other system components are capable of meeting your hot water and heating needs when needed is something very important for homeowners to look into. To assist you in maintaining your oil boiler, our OFTEC registered engineers have compiled a list of useful boiler maintenance tips to help you save energy saving help your heating system run as efficiently as possible.

tips to maintain oil boilers

Tips that we recommend to all of our customers who have oil boilers

Tip #1 Annual oil boiler service

As is recommended with gas boilers, you should service your oil boiler on an annual basis. When your oil boiler is serviced, we can check to see if there are any issues with your boiler, keep an eye for parts that are on the verge of breaking down so we can replace them and which parts might cost you money in the future. 

Make sure the heating engineer you hire is OFTEC registered, the reason for this is because engineers with this accreditation are fully trained to carry out services involving oil boilers. They will ensure all work is completed to the highest standard and safely, giving you peace of mind.

Tip #2 Don't let the oil tank run out

Just like you're told not to let the oil in your car run to the bottom (and eventually run out). If you start to notice that your fuel levels are beginning to run low, make sure you top it up before it starts running out. Failing to do so can create lots of new issues for both the boiler and the system as a whole. It can also cause your oil boiler's pump to seize up, resulting in the need to hire an OFTEC registered engineer to come out and fix it.

To check the oil level, simply check the gauge on the oil tank to see the amount of oil inside. Make sure to utilise the oil level valve which is on the bottom of the gauge to verify the right amount of fuel inside your oil tank otherwise it will not be visible.  

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Tip #3 Replace your boiler's nozzle

Your boiler's nozzle is extremely important as it regulates how much oil can pass through the burner and into your home, hence why it's crucial that you replace it on a yearly basis. 

Failure to do so can cause too much fuel to pass through the burner, which causes soot to collect in the heat exchanger, eventually causing your oil boiler to break down. Most nozzles are replaced during an oil boiler service, so make sure you book your boiler for an annual service. 

Tip #4 Monitor the water pressure

It's a good idea to check the system pressure on the pressure gauge on a regular basis, especially if you have a sealed heating system. The gauge is situated on the control panel of the boiler or elsewhere in the system. We recommend checking the pressure when the system is cold and the pressure should be approximately 0.7 bar for a bungalow and roughly 1.2 bar for a two-story home.

Do you need your oil boiler serviced in York?

A lot of the above tips you can do yourself, but if you need to hire an OFTEC registered engineer to come out and service your oil boiler, and you live in York or the surrounding areas, please give us a call on 08001182467 or 07717574470 or send us a message using our contact form

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