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Should I get my boiler repaired or replaced?

Boilers are one of the most commonly used but undervalued household appliances. That is, unless something goes wrong, leaving us without heat or hot water. A boiler breakdown may be extremely stressful, especially in the winter, when we realise how dependant we are on them. But when it does break down, how do you know whether it needs repairing or replacing?

In this blog, we go through all the factors you need to take into consideration that will help you make your decision!

How old is your boiler?

A new boiler can generally be repaired quickly, but when a boiler reaches a certain age and begins to have problems, it may be necessary to replace it. Also, due to its age and outdated technology, an older boiler will typically be inefficient. As a result, you may have to wait longer for your central heating to turn on or your hot water to reach the desired temperature.   

There's also the issue of parts going out of production. After ten years, the majority of manufacturers will stop producing boiler spares and accessories. Due to the possibility of parts shortages, you should double-check whether a repair is possible for an older boiler.

Is your boiler still under warranty?

If you have a problem with your boiler, it's always worth calling the manufacturer. Many newer boilers come with a warranty, which can last up to ten years depending on the manufacturer. This covers the cost of new parts and, in some situations, even labour costs, helping you save lots on any unexpected boiler repair costs you may have.

Want to gain more control over your heating?

A reason to replace your existing boiler would be if you wanted to gain more control over your heating. Older boilers are not fully compatible with smart controls when compared to newer boilers. This allows you to gain complete control over your heating and hot water! 

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