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The Benefits of Installing an Oil Boiler

The vast majority of us utilise mainline gas and combi boilers in our homes, but this is not the only viable option when heating your property. In fact, there are around four million UK houses that run oil-fired central heating systems, with this number having remained steady for a number of years now.

There are several reasons why a house may run an oil-fired heating system, but the most common is that the nearest mains gas network is not close enough to connect to.

Whilst most households may have little choice when installing an oil boiler, however, this can unlock a number of interesting and often overlooked benefits. These include:

Oil-fired Boilers are Amongst the Most Cost-effective Fuel Sources

When you first install an oil boiler, it can set you back anywhere between £4000 and £5000 depending on your choice of service provider.

Whilst this is relatively expensive, it’s important to note that this type of heating system is extremely cost-effective to run and one of the cheapest ways of fueling a central heating system over time.

To put this into context, this fuel source typically costs 4.9 pence per 1KwH, which is only marginally higher than the average price of gas (4.2 pence).

This is also considerably cheaper than electricity, which can cost up to 16 pence per 1KwH in some instances. Oil also costs less than the Economy 7 tariff, which charges users between 6 and 8 pence per 1KwH of power.

Oil Boilers can be Used Alongside Renewable Energy Heaters

Presuming that you’ve already upgraded to a modern condensing oil boiler that offers a minimum efficiency of 85% or above, you’ll have a unique opportunity to integrate a number of renewable technologies into your home.

These include solar heating and ground source heat pumps, which are both compatible with oil boilers and can help to bring down your monthly fuel bills even further over time.

The use of solar panels with your oil boiler is certainly highly recommended, as the use of natural sunlight to heat the water will mean that your heating system uses less fuel on a daily basis.

Buying Oil in Bulk can Lead to Significant Savings

One of the biggest advantages of installing an oil boiler is that you’re not tied into a long-term contract with an energy supplier, in the same way that you would be with a gas or electricity provider.

This is because you’re able to buy and store oil on demand, whilst the price of this commodity can fluctuate considerably during the different seasons.

If you have a particularly large storage tank, it may also be possible to bulk buy oil and reduce your total heating costs even further. At present, the average size of heating oil tanks for residential properties ranges between 1000 and 3500 litres, with units at the larger end of the spectrum offering significant room for storage.

Just take care to ensure that your oil tank is never more than 90% full, as this helps to avoid spillages and unnecessary waste.

The Last Word

As the installation of oil boilers can be costly, you want to make sure that you work with a reputable provider such as Green and Reliable Heating. We work extensively within the Yorkshire region, offering gas and oil installation services to customers in Harrogate, Leeds, Pontefract and a number of other Northern towns. To find out more about the brand and request a quote, drop us a line at If you’d like to speak to somebody in person, reach out on 08001182467 or 07717574470 at your earliest convenience!