What Does OFTEC Registered Mean?

Finding a competent person to complete tasks such as installing an oil boiler used to be extremely challenging, but this all changed back in 2002 when the UK government introduced a cutting edge scheme to help homeowners identify reputable service providers.

Known as the OFTEC competent person scheme, this initiative has revolutionised the heating trade and given skilled tradespeople a competitive advantage. Here’s everything you need to know to help you get started!

oftec registered

What is OFTEC and What Does it Mean?

The term OFTEC stands for the Oil Firing Technical Association, and this organisation has been established to support businesses and tradespeople who are actively involved with the provision of oil, solid fuel and renewable heating equipment to property owners.

All heating engineers who are looking to install oil boilers must undertake an approved training course and regular assessment in order to become fully registered.

At present, it’s estimated that up to 8,000 technicians are registered with the OFTECs competent person scheme, creating a large pool of talented tradespeople for people to choose from wherever they may live in the UK.

What can you Expect from an OFTEC Competent Person?

There are many advantages you can get when you employ the services of an OFTEC registered engineer. Engineers are fully authorised to self-certify their work and ensure that it complies with all local building regulations and accepted standards. 

You can also be assured that heating engineers who are certified with OFTEC have been trained to follow a strict set of procedures. This helps ensure that all aspects of a heating system are maintained according to manufacturer-approved standards.

Not only this but hiring an OFTEC registered engineer can guarantee the quality of workmanship on offer and potentially save you significant sums of cash. This is because they are qualified to undertake tasks without being required to submit a building control notice, which in turn negates the need for council authorities to inspect the workmanship at a considerable price.

Looking for an OFOTEC registered engineer?

If you’re in the market for an OFTEC registered engineer in Wetherby, York or Harrogate, you can count on us. We are OFTEC registered, meaning that we're fully qualified to handle all installations and maintenance. You can contact us on either 08001182467 or 07717574470Alternatively, you can drop the team a line at alanmarcon@me.com and submit your query in writing!